A review of the Anna Theresa Keersmaeker dance performance

The performance we saw called Golden Hours (As you like it) was beautiful and enthralling. While I could see a person who is not interested or with a background in theater or dance feeling apathetic or worse about the show, I personally saw much meaning in the performance and thought that the intricate display was a wonderful experimentation with the art of theater.

The performance was sometimes put to music, but much of it was in silence. The dancers had freedom with representation but had to stick to what they thought the script was saying. It was essentially a re-telling of the whole Shakespeare play As you like it through body movements, and chalk. 

The inclusion of a projector and the dancers affect on their environment with the chalk were both very particular. The many media display made it a complicated analysis for anyone. 

I think that the commonplace decidedly "human" movement indicated that the interactions they had on stage were to reflect the interactions of everyday life. In a way it was a throwback to the days of the sun-king. the performers were mirroring the audience instead of separating from them.

Nadia ChilmonikComment