Discussion of Haussmann’s plan of the city, with reference to specific buildings and designs

Haussmann was a hero. His employer Napoleon was selfish, but Haussmann utilized that impulse to make great changes for the people of Paris. The sewers, the widening of streets and the planting of the "lungs of Paris" all made great improvements to caring for the health of the people. Haussmann was looking farther into the future than many people were at the time. The inclusion of the suburbs into Paris and the installation of parks and squares made the city ready for growth without letting public spaces be overrun. The parliament commented on his changes to the boulevards as "brought air, light and healthiness and procured easier circulation in a labyrinth that was constantly blocked and impenetrable, where streets were winding, narrow, dark and unhealthy." And unlike with most changes in Paris the Parisians were actually pleased as well. The peoples square (Place de la Republique) was made by demolishing a theater street known as  "le boulevard du Crime", points out how many of these changes were necessary.

Nadia ChilmonikComment