One or two works from the Lumiere exhibit at The Grand Palais

The work I think captured me the most at the Lumiere exhibit was this piece I posted on Instagram  The movement was what fascinated the Lumiere brothers and what fascinated me. The brothers were capturing amazing things all over the world from Chinese dances to sports in south America. They had home videos and funny little vignettes between friends. The big idea however was that these were the MOVING pictures and now for the first time they could capture the movement in the world. This beautiful snaking scarf in the piece I chose reminds me of a later work (once they were colorizing). The brothers filmed a performance of Loie Fuller who was a dancer utilizing silk costumes that billowed and moved around her in synchronized and magical manner. They made a video of her performance called the serpentine dance. I like these pieces because it makes simple what was so enchanting about the videos ; they moved.

Nadia ChilmonikComment