Thinking about my original research proposal, how Paris changed that?

My original Proposal included research into poets. The course did not include much (if anything) on poetry and honestly I just lost some interest. The more information I found on art and the influence of science the more I was interested. For a while, I thought that I would focus on how technology is infused with art and its uses. This is however not as deep as it went. I found art and science are more intrinsically linked than I had thought. I was then interested in this approach especially after seeing Picasso's and Braque's work with the 4th dimension. Later, on in my research I found that Duchamp also had some theories linked to science and mathematics and even technology. One of the biggest parts of the class and trip that changed how I viewed science and art as linked were the innovations in technology that led to architectural freedom. This is shown in the architecture at the Loui Vuitton Foundation.

The building is such a wonderful use of innovation that allowed a building that housed art to turn into a phenomenal work of art itself. The pictures here are of that building. Another thing that influenced this link was the talk with Jaques about his innovation in  making music through play with scientific principles.

Nadia ChilmonikComment