A review of The Golem theatre performance.

The performance Golem by the British company 1927 was phenomenal. The mixed media animation and simple costumes, the live sound and music, and the carefully crafted story comes together to create a wow piece. The costumes referenced the 50's and the colors were distinctive to the 70's it gave a clearly old feel to the set which implied that this story ( a warning to us about technology ) may have already taken place. It also utilizes futuristic images that we have had in the past like Jetsons-style clothing and music that could have been from a garage rock 80's band. 

The old tale of golem is a story of how a clay man imbued with power turned around and attacked its maker. This new iteration is similar and draws parallels to how our society is allowing technology to control our thoughts, our desires and our actions. The main character has a little sad brother that buys a golem to help him around the house and to be his companion. The golem changes his desires slowly and slyly to the point that he is barely himself any longer. He becomes conceited and is careless of the feelings of his contemporaries, family, and lover. The play is especially careful to point out the vulnerability of certain populations like the elderly. Golem was a timely and powerful depiction of a problem effecting our society today and that may only worsten as time goes on without people taking notice.

Nadia ChilmonikComment