WAAT : The Weekly Ask Anything Thread, week of 16 Sep - 22 Sep

WAAT : The Weekly Ask Anything Thread, week of 16 Sep - 22 Sep

Greetings, /r/astrophotography! Welcome to our Weekly Ask Anything Thread, also known as WAAT?

The purpose of WAATs is very simple : To welcome ANY user to ask ANY AP related question, regardless of how "silly" or "simple" he/she may think it is. It doesn't matter if the information is already in the FAQ, or in another thread, or available on another site. The point isn't to send folks elsewhere...it's to remove any possible barrier OP may perceive to asking his or her question.

Here's how it works :

Each week, AutoMod will start a new WAAT, and sticky it. The WAAT will remain stickied for the entire week.

ANYONE may, and is encouraged to ask ANY AP RELATED QUESTION.

Ask your initial question as a top level comment.

ANYONE may answer, but answers must be complete and thorough. Answers should not simply link to another thread or the FAQ. (Such a link may be included to provides extra details or "advanced" information, but the answer it self should completely and thoroughly address OP's question.)

Any negative or belittling responses will be immediately removed, and the poster warned not to repeat the behaviour.


Ask Anything!

Don't forget to "Sort by New" to see what needs answering! :)

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