Pairing a good scope with my camera and EQ-G

Pairing a good scope with my camera and EQ-G

I'm looking to acquire my first tube for DSO photography.

I currently have an Sirius EQ-G mount and am looking to find a good telescope to pair with that and my Nikon full frame DSLR.

edit: I should explain that I'm hoping to focus on nebulae, galaxies, and lunar targets.

I've noticed my EQ-G has a small amount of periodic error. It's noticeable starting at about 300mm and longer focal lengths. I've considered getting it hypertuned. But, since the error is rhythmic and rather sinusoidal, I'm wondering if it might be easily compensated with the use of an AutoGuider? Is that the preferable solution? Or, should I first concentrate on hypertuning the EQ-G?

Assuming an AutoGuider is a good solution, I'm currently looking to pair this ( ) with this telescope ( ) Would you consider this a good starting point? Are there any accessories I should plan to get right away? Adapters for my Nikon camera? A collimating eyepiece?

Thank you for your insight.

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