Portable Observatory/Temporary Telescope Shelter

Portable Observatory/Temporary Telescope Shelter

So, like most of you here, I don't like spending half my night setting up equipment and tweaking my alignment and bits and pieces, so I've been looking for a lower cost option than building an observatory in my back yard; something that I can throw over my telescope for a few days of good seeing without having to tear down and re-assemble all my gear.

I came across this black-out collapsable duck blind at the Bass Pro Shop this morning and I think it could will work perfectly as a temporary telescope shelter.

I bought the X72 model (linked) and it's a good sized tent - I'm 5-10 and I just have to bend my neck to fit in it - my equipment has about 6 inches of head room from the top of the tent. It's a pain in the ass (but not complicated at all) to open, and it has a wide bottom so it can just pivot on one edge to go over the telescope.

The inside is a black rubberized material, so that makes me think it's at least partially weather resistant. However, because the inside is black and the outside is a dark brown/tan camo pattern it does heat up a bit. Right now I have a white beach towel draped over the top which helps prevent direct heating and will probably spray paint the outside of the duck blind in either white or silver plasti-dip (opinions on efficacy of each color choice appreciated). It also has plenty of zippers on the side so you can get a cross-draft going if you want.

In any case, I've been looking for something like this for months/years now and wanted to let you all know about its potential as a temporary telescope shelter.

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