Need help identifying object on my pictures.

Need help identifying object on my pictures.


I hope you guys can help me. The other day (4 days ago) I've started at the sky and saw an object twinkling more than the other stars. So I got my DSLR and started to take some photos.

And this is the image I've got. Can anybody tell me what I shot there?

Some more information: date: august 14th lens: 300mm direction: west location: germany local time: 10pm the object was pretty close to the horizon

Comparing this image to others plantes maybe Juptier? Because of the stripes, but is jupiter really tilted that much? The bands seem be at an ~60 degree angle.

Also I couldn't find an internet service that would let me easily search for the night sky at my location. Do you guys know any?

Thanks in advance. Oh and if this is the wrong sub for this kind of question please direct me to a better one :)

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