Star Adventurer vs budget motorized EQ mount

Star Adventurer vs budget motorized EQ mount

I have been thinking about getting the Star Adventurer. I'd prefer it over the iOptron Skytracker because a lot of reviews have said it can take a higher weight than the Skytracker (Although if you would recommend the Skytracker instead please let me know.)

I've been reading tons of reviews. One that I stumbled across had an interesting suggestion. About a third of the way down this page, someone suggests to get the Orion AstroView EQ Mount instead and mount the camera to it.

I know that a budget mount like that is not going to produce good results if I have a focal length over 500mm or so. But I wonder, will the Orion Astroview allow give me the same results as the Star Adventurer with a 200mm lens and allow me to use a telescope for viewing (and not photography)?

I'm not expecting the results of a much better mount. But if it will produce the same results with a camera and also allow me to view through a scope, would it be a better option?

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