Am I on the Limit of my setup? Cheap DSLR+Tracking Mount.

Am I on the Limit of my setup? Cheap DSLR+Tracking Mount.

Am using a cheap Canon 1100D with the lens kit 18-55mm and a star adventurer tracking mount. The mount works great and I could take a 15minute exposure yesterday at 55mm without trailing.

My question is: I have enough room in exposure time, could ramp up iso/or exposure time, but I will only get too bright/white sky. So is there anything I can do to capture nebulas without overexposung the whole picture? Or does it just come with the focal length. (200mm +?)(I try to understand this technically, principally)

Here is a 15 min exposure I did yesterday:

(iso 800, and F/7.1, cause it was already getting to bright at 500sec.- It's just an example, I will stick to shorter exposure time with smaller Aperture of course(better tradeoff)) (extreme, to show theres actually a nebula)

Any higher exposure time/iso will only lead to an overexposued image.

So is the right/only thing I can do, to use a mild iso, for example 1600(maybe 800?) and choose an exposure time as long as possible without getting a totally white picture. Stack as many as possible and make it darker in lightroom?

Thanks in advance!

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