Aurora Video 2016-09-02

Aurora Video 2016-09-02

The only way I could post a high quality non compressed version of these files is to put them up on Dropbox. To actually see them, you need to DOWNLOAD the.mp4 file(s), and watch them on your PC / device. Watching them on the Dropbox website makes it look like photos were taken with potato, not a 6D ;)

Aurora video

Aurora rotated 90°

I made a rotated version, to get more pixels on the screen. I watched it with my neck bent 90°. Original photos were 3648x5422, so shrinking the vertical dimension to 1080 wasn't great. I will have to talk to the boss about rotating the big TV in my home theater into portrait mode for times like these ;)


RAW photos were opened in Adobe Bridge then Camera Raw. Daylight white balance and Lens Profile Correction were applied. Saved as JPEG from Bridge. Didn't tweak curves or saturation. Then rotated 90° with FastStone Photo Resizer (didn't know how to rotate then save in Bridge). Loaded pics into Movie Maker, set time per frame to 0.3 seconds, exported as 8Mbps .mp4 file.

Submitted September 12, 2016 at 12:02AM by t-ara-fan from reddit via /r/astrophotography