Not a picture, but I wanted to say thanks.

Not a picture, but I wanted to say thanks.

Somehow a few months ago I found this subreddit. A dedicated group of amateurs (although for some of you, I use the term "amateur" loosely) who explore the night sky from their backyards and document our universe with amazing results.

I wanted to say thank you because you have inspired me. I sought (and received!) and few grants to get telescopes for the high school astronomy course I teach. I got some cameras, and have reworked a significant portion of my curriculum to give my students hands-on observing experience. And they love it. I have plans to begin doing some photography, too, with basic basic equipment, but it will teach them that astronomy can be done by anyone, as well as the same procedures the pros use.

Personally, I have gotten my own telescopes out again. I've started attempting my own (feeble by this sub's standards) photography and have rediscovered my passion and amazement for all things space and astronomy.

So... thanks. Keep up he good work. And I'll keep lurking around and being amazed.

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